SEO Services in India

Organic ranking is the biggest source of web traffic and we can improve the organic visibility of your website using best SEO strategies.

Tug Traffic is a leading SEO Company in India

It is important for any business to increase their online presence in today’s high tech world. Choosing the right SEO Company can help you achieve great success in business.

We at offer end to end SEO services by providing long lasting results. We are experts in the online marketing industry and strive hard to provide quality Search Engine Optimization services to clients across the globe. With the help of our SEO services you can achieve incredible rankings, increased traffic and more conversions on your website. We work together with you to deliver real time measurable results for your business so that your website gets the visibility and popularity that it deserves.

Our highly skilled team of SEO experts with great experience and expertise in the industry uses the latest SEO techniques to analyze your business, study the competition and then draw the strategy that best suits your business requirements. Our extensive catalogue of legal and ethical SEO services includes:


Business Niche Analysis: Our SEO experts first do the detailed Business Niche Analysis for your business to derive the right strategy keeping in mind the targeted market, targeted customers and the competition in the area of your business expertise.

Keyword Research Analysis: Keyword research analysis is very important when you are considering SEO services. We follow the best keyword research process to derive the most suitable keywords which are competitive and used frequently on search engines to find the products or services offered by your business.

Competitor Analysis: We identify and evaluate your competitors and their business strategies. We check your competitor’s websites to find out how well is the site designed, the quality of the content posted, analyze their web presence, backlinks and other SEO factors.

Website Structure Audit:  We then create a website structure audit report for your site using the most efficient tools that helps websites avoid any on-page problems and ensures great SEO results.

Back link Analysis
: This process is for analyzing the incoming links of a particular page, evaluate the link quality, analyze the Link Building Strategy of your competitors and improve your Rankings.

On-page SEO Optimization: Based on website structure and content analysis we recommend changes to your website to make it search engine friendly. Keeping the website user friendly has equal importance as user behaviour has direct impact on organic rankings.  

Off-page SEO Optimization:We understand that SEO is more than link building and keyword stuffing. We at appreciate and follow Google and Penguin algorithms religiously to make your website popular and visible on top of search results.


We help your business website rank high on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We are offer unmatched services to our clients ensuring maximum ROI for their business. With the best SEO services we help you to stay ahead of competition and achieve great success in business.